Basel 2010

'La Dolce Vita'

The fifth year of Nox Illuminata was a celebration of 'La Dolce Vita' with concerts taking place at the nightclub SUDHAUS Basel.

A modern mix of old and new where music from the middle ages to baroque gets twisted up with modern hip hop beats, brasilian grooves and jazz harmonies.... add in a splash of decadent decoration, some innovative staging, a glass of champagne or two and you have a pretty good idea of what Nox Illuminata is all about this year.

Italian passion and flair unites the festival with music from Landini to Vivaldi and on all accounts a desire for the good life....

3.3.10 20.30 SUDHAUS

Ave Maris Stella

Heavenly choir sings praises to the Virgin Mary while more earthly delights are explored with erotic songs from the 'Song of Songs'. 

The fantastic Basel based choir Larynx perform Tomas Luis de Victoria's stunning mass based on the famous plainchant Ave Maris Stella while the vocal ensemble Savadi seduce one and all with their passionate interpretations of Monteverdi & co


Ulrike Hofbauer Sopran (soprano)
Kristine Jaunalksne Sopran (soprano)
Marie Bournisien Barock Harfe (baroque harp)


Leitung (director) Jakob Pilgram & Olivia Heiniger
Elisabeth Wetzel, Amélie Pilgram, Lia Andres, Imogen Jans, Lea Scherer, Lisa Lüthi, Jakob Pilgram, Beat Vogele, Res Würmli, Philippe Rayot, Nathaniel Wood, Tiago Mota

Ann Allen Konzept und Inszenierung (concept and staging)
Mark Searle Licht (Lighting/Projections)

4.3.10 20.30 SUDHAUS

La Dolce Vita

700 years of Italian passion with love songs and dance music medieval and modern style..

700 years of Italian passion with mediva:pure and mediva:plugged. Love songs and dances from the 14th and 15th centuries performed with historical knowledge but none of the cobwebs are presented in the first concerts and then dance the night away with the medieval top ten hits combined with modern dance beats.
Ann Allen Schalmei und Blockflöte (shawm and recorder)
Michelangelo Rinaldi Schalmei und Organetto (shawm and organetto)
Baptiste Romain Fidel und Dudelsack (fiddle and bagpipe)
Tobie Miller Drehleier und Blockflöte (hurdygurdy and recorder)

Ann Allen Schalmei (shawm)
Jaro Milko  E-Gitarre (guitar)
Tobie Miller Drehleier (hurdygurdy)
Michelangelo Rinaldi Akkordeon und Friscaletto (accordian and friscaletto)
Baptiste Romain Fidel und Dudelsack (fiddle and bagpipe)
Michael Stulz Schlagzeug (drumkit)
Martin Wyss Kontrabass (double bass)

Orfeo Negro

5.3.10 20.30 SUDHAUS

Bossa Nova meets Monteverdi in a unique retelling of the Orpheus myth inspired by the cult 60's film Orfeu Negro

xtracts from Monteverdi's version of the Orpheus myth paralleled with music from the prize winning 60's cult film 'Orfeu Negro'. Mixing the ancient greek myth with the Brasilian carnival.

Cecilia Colombo Arellano Gesang, Konzept, Arrangements (voice, concept and arrangements)
Floriano Ignácio Piano, Gitarre, Cavaquinho, Arrangements (piano, guitar and arrangements)
Johannes Deffner Gitarre, Cavaquinho, Mandoline, Arrangements (guitar, mandolin and arrangements)
Floriano Inacio Junior Klavier (piano)
Ricardo Marini Schlagzeug und Perkussion (drumkit and percussion)

Anschliessend Boss Nova Lounge
mit Miss Golightly and the Dukes of Tunes.
Post concert bossa nova lounge with Miss Golightly and the Duke of Tunes


6.3.10 20.30 SUDHAUS

The most decadent bar in Basel opens its doors for one night only with an array of delights for all the senses.

The most seductive bar in town opens for one night only with opulent intrigues for all the sense - truly a dangerous liason...

20 minute pearls of Baroque music strewn across the evening, laced together with baroque beats from DJ Black Tiger

Baroque ReImagined
Liebe, Leben, Lust und Leidenschaft
– Musik von Corelli, Vivaldi und Händel
Love, life, lust and longing - music by Corelli, Vivaldi and Handel

Etienne Abelin Barockgeige (baroque violin)
Ann Allen Barockoboe (baroque oboe)
Clara Gervais Violone (violin)
Ulrike Hofbauer Sopran (soprano)
Caroline Ritchie Barockcello (baroque cello)
Ralph Stelzenmüller Cembalo (harpsichord)

Scarlatti im Spiegel
Michelangelo Rinaldi präsentiert eine Handvoll ausgewählter Scarlatti Sonaten auf dem Flügel gemischt mit freier Improvisation.
Michelangelo Rinaldi presents a choice selection of Scarlatti sonatas mixed with free improvisation.

Michelangelo Rinaldi Piano (piano)

Ensemble Savadi
Zefiro Torna: Bonsai Operas - Homöopatische Oper für eine neue Generation von Konzertgängern
Zefiro Torna: Bonsai Operas - homeopathic opera for a new generation of concert goers

Ulrike Hofbauer Sopran (soprano)
Kristine Jaunalksne Sopran (soprano)
Marie Bournisien Barock Harfe (baroque harp)

Black Tiger goes Barock
Die Barocken Hits werden von der Hip-Hop-Legende Black Tiger neu gemixt. Barock mit Bass.
Baroque hits mixed with hip-hop beats by legendary Black Tiger. Baroque with Bass.

Black Tiger Turntable

Matteis Project
Der italienische Barockgeiger und -komponist Nicola Matteis war vor 300 Jahren ein Star. Das von Etienne Abelin geleitete Matteis Project Ensemble entdeckt seine Musik neu.
The Italian baroque violinist and composer Nicola Matteis was a rock star of his age 300 years ago. Matteis Project rediscovers his story and presents his music a new...
 Etienne Abelin Musikalische Leitung, Barockvioline, E-Violine, Arrangements (musical director, baroque and electronic violin and arrangememts)
André Buser E-Bass, Arrangements (e-bass and arrangements)
Maurizio Grandinetti E-Gitarre Arrangements (guitar and arrangements)
Patrik Zosso Electronics, Arrangements (electronics and arrangements)
Ann Allen Regie (staging)
Mark Searle Licht (light)
Bill Morrison Film (film)

24.00 PARTY
La Discotheque mit DJ Haze the Blaze und Larry Leisure
(80's Pop and Charts)

Visuelle , Nunc., Klavierwerkstatt Roland Burri

Unterstützung von  GGG, Warteck pp

Kult.Kino, Programmzeitung

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