Basel 2009


A merging of music, dance, theatre and visuals ranging from medieval plainsong to baroque burlesque cabaret with a twist of the unexpected and a sprinkling of the enticing to tempt one and all to an event that is definitely more than music.

This year Nox Illuminata presents a rich array of of multi-media delights from across the centuries. The festival once again is the cross-over platform for old and new music in Basel tapping into a Zeitgeist that is spreading out through Europe. A fusing of  experiences and bringing together of new ideas to redefine exactly what a concert can be. A muddling of the arts and merging of the senses leaving the audience enticed and Con:fuse-d.

19. März  - 21.00 H95 raum für kultur
Medieval rock'n'roll with a touch of eastern promise.

20. März  - 21.00 H95 raum für kultur
A special portrait of Vaslav Nijinsky's spiral into madness.

21. März  - 20.00-02.00 H95 raum für kultur
The most decadent bar in Basel opens its doors for one night only with an array of delights for all the senses.


18. März - 12.15 MIMIKO Elisabethenkirche
The spirit of past entertainment...

22. März - 17.00 GREGORIANIK-REIHE Elisabethenkirche
Meditative music for the setting sun...

SUPPORT, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Artephila Stiftung, Matthias Reiser, Etienne Abelin, Emmanuel Alloa, Barbara Strebel, Thomas Resch, Ulrike Hofbauer, Martin Burr, Arianna Madiotto, Christoph Moor, Yvonne Eddy, Ullie Pfletscher, Natashca Greuter, Michelangelo Rinaldi und natürlich an alle Künstler.

© Ann Allen 2013